Finding Elliot From Mr.Robot

The other day I talked about the importance of props or objects around a target. But is that a viable option all the time? Let’s see!

Step 1: The image looks pretty easy right? Why? Because I got the golden nugget in the background — Irish Pub Bar & Restaurant. With the same hope, I directly entered the query to And it gave me bunch of results.

Step 2: Going through all the pin points and walking through all the streets was not an option. So I took the note of the blurred part in the image. And it read something like — Pigs ’N’ Whistle Irish Pub.

Step 3: So I added the keywords and boom! My results got filtered and was prompted with two results. One result was looking good. At this point, I thought it was a cake walk and walked through the streets.

Step 4: And voila, here I was! But the recent images looked bit different, so I tried with different timelines like 2014, 2016 etc.,

Step 5: Even though the shops looked similar, but that was not the right location. So with an intuition I walked for a bit here and there to find the exact shop. But it wasn’t anywhere. And also the boards were different, & there was no tree.

Step 6: A big road block. No where to go from here! But, there is always a way. Remember the importance of objects? I seemed to have missed some objects. The buildings in the background.

Step 7: I’m not a New Yorker or a native. So I just “Googled it”.These were those golden words.

Step 8: And this took to the end of the tunnel. And the following images looked similar.

Step 9: Now I just wanted to walk through the street. And being careful about directions helped a bit.

Step 10: Finally I arrived at the location. Apparently our beloved Elliot was here.

You could walk the path of Elliot —,-73.9681576,3a,83.5y,197.21h,83.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4kZdT8Lwdstyk-e9lv-C4A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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