A Chasing Scene From Tenet — An OSINT Geo Location Challenge

Where’s the car?

It’s screenshot from the movie Tenet, that I took few days ago. In this case, you could approach a target from multiple ways. I’ll try to explain the good, bad and easy ways to locate it.

Step 1: As the golden rule goes — identify the objects.

Step 2: The three approaches would be:

1) Locate where St Barbara is & walk 200m (duh).

2) Identify the plate number. (Caveat — movie plate numbers could be fictional)

3) Translate the words on black wall & identify the country.

Step 3: Well, I took the 2nd approach, I had my reasons. See what I got!

Step 4: Wow, the people were talking about it on Reddit. Hmm, interesting. From their convo, I got to know it was Estonia. (I also double checked it.) Voila, more strength to wisdom of the crowd. They were right.

Step 5: I thought of searching for hotel St.Barbara, but you know, cool kids don’t do that. Now I’ll tell you the secret sauce that I was hiding all the way(the easy way).

Step 6: The Mack & Roll. My initial (couple of seconds) confirmation bias was, there could be many Mack & Rolls’ in Estonia. But I went with my sigma rule, “Just Google it”. This is something that I would advocate for everyone. After all anyone could do OSINT.

Step 7: It turns out that I was hitting on the right(exact) spot. Here’s the apparent location.

Step 8: That’s it! Now go enjoy the chase sequence.



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